How to get to 100 000ft

I’m trying to get to 100 000ft with the F-22 in order to take some amazing screenshots but I can only climb up to like 50 000ft before I can’t climb anymore.
How can I reach 100 000ft in the F-22?


Just grab a load of speed and go verticle when you are at 1300kts

You can also do a bug that goes higher but it’s hard and not confirmed it’ll work


Hello Philippe,

There are already tons of topics on this. So I will link them below so you can give them a read. A google or IFC search that says “How to get to space in IF” would’ve also gotten you the answer.

Happy Space-flying.


Step climbing will help get you to 100,000ft start off at 60,000ft ish

I try to get like 1400 knots and just start going vertical

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It takes you super high up

I think in solo mode you can do it, winds set to its maximum including speed :)

thought this was you. Didnt read the entire post clearly.

You can dive into the ground (hilly areas recommended) at Mach 2+ at almost straight down, and wait a few minutes and you’ll be launched into space. Don’t try it if your prone to that side affect of fast flashing lights.

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