How to get TL2?

Hi IFC, I have been posting a lot replying, and hearting a lot of things in the IFC, and I’m still not TL2 any tips on why that can be?

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I personally am satisfied with TL1 but for TL2 there’s more requirements needed which u can read in the official discourse hub guide.

However it can be changed by the admins that own the forum, to whatever additional requirements they want for users. So idk how long it will take for a user to reach TL2.

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The best thing to do is simply continue doing what you are doing and you will get there.

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I did send you a link to the guidelines yesterday. May be good to read them ;)

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Ok Thanks!

Ok! Thanks

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Ok Thanks.

wait but look

Screenshot 2023-03-12 5.14.22 PM

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yes but the admins of this forum can change or modify the requirements to suit their needs. (IIRC)

The exact requirements for TL2 on the IFC are unknown they’re different from the official Discourse ones. Reason for that is to avoid having people “farm” trust levels.

Jost keep being active


Adding on from what others have mentioned above…

I strongly recommend taking a read through the topic below for more information. The default discourse requirements are different to that of the Infinite Flight Community.

Thanks everyone in just 30 min i get like 6 ppl trying to help me thanks everyone appreciate it!!


I’d humbly suggest that u can perhaps think of a way to contribute towards the community and have a positive impact through the entire process. That way it will naturally come and before u realise it, u can make a feature request :)

Wait I am a TL2 wdym I did nothing

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