How to get these WPTs?

How do I get these waypoints? I’ve seen 7297N and 77N07 (they’re real fixes in IF which are referred to as lat long fixes) but no such thing as 7100N/02000W (Fix), it’s not even a fix in IF when I hit ‘copy FPL’ to find out myself. Is there a way to get such waypoints in IF without using third party apps like SkyVector and SimBrief?

Highlighting to you beforehand hoping that you won’t send me the lat long fix tutorial link or explaining how you found these waypoints using SkyVector…tbh I’ve talked about this earlier but the reply wasn’t that much of a help.

There is no way in IF to „find“ those fixes. You just have to type the coordinates in the search field together with the rest of the flightplan. And voila, you have flightplan wit coordinates as fixes in it. Instead of typing you can copy and past, so Simbrief and others are the best way to get such a flightplan.

I don’t know how to do that. Can you teach me? I’ve tried typing the coordinates in the search bar before and that didn’t work.

So far SimBrief has never gave me such a coordinate format to enter into my FPL.

Just an exampl:

Hit Ok, and that’s it:

Just works for me.

To copy flightplan from Simbrief there a ,ore or les efficient ways. The best one is this great tool:


Oh so that’s how you get them in your FPL thanks.

It is really straight forward. You type your waypoints in the search field with blanks in between. The first and the last need to be Points available in the Nav database like a Nmaed Fix a ICAO a VOR …
Then you hit OK, and it is in your flightplan.
Or you have flightplan waypoint list somewhere, copy it, past it in the search field, hit OK, and it is in.

I’d like to add on with this:

To further understand these waypoints, I highly recommend this tutorial

One you’re done looking at this you can put in a waypoint just by looking at an actual coordinate.

Smooth Skies!


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