How to get the small text below or next to your username

Hello IFC, I was wondering how I can get the text below or next to community members’ names. For example, sorry for the ping Kamryn, @Kamryn has this.

Any answers will help, thanks.

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I believe mods have to do this.

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These are titles that are granted by the moderators in case you’re very lucky (or unlucky) (or by @system, if it’s simply “Regular”, though a TL3 can choose to show it or not). Don’t ask them to give you a title, though, because all you’ll get is an unofficial or official warning, or, in a worst case scenario, a suspension.


This isn’t true. No where does it say asking for something will get you suspended.

The tags under names are there to show the role of the individual.

I’m fairly sure that Kamryn’s title is just “Regular”, but in Japanese.


We’re pretty friendly, you won’t get suspended for asking… but you’ll also probably be told “No.”

These tags are assigned to users who have a significant role in the community in order to identify them as such. Generally this means Regulars, ATC and Airport Editing management, third party app developers, and maybe a couple other situations.

Members with these tags are trusted to be knowledgeable in the areas their tag would suggest.


that’s correct

Thank you!!

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