How to get sound back during flight

is there a way to get the sound back during the flight.


Could you elaborate on what you mean?

I have no sound and I was out. I don’t know if I got a call during then.

When did your sound disappear during the flight? What happened prior?

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I didn’t catch when. I went somewhere came back and no sound. I do not know if I got a call during that time period.

Are you sure the audio is turned on in the game settings and the bell thingy isn’t on (if you are on IOS)

Hamburger menu > Gear icon > Sound > Slider ?

Its all the way up in game and I’m not on silent.

Try leaving and entering the app?

Are you connected to bluetooth?

Once your flight is done, restart your device.

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Might be a good idea to ask the simple questions first, like what device and what operating system 😉

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No I am not.

Hello Chris!

I actually have run into this issue a few times throughout my Infinite Flight experience so let me explain. Most of the time when it’s happened, it’s been when I accidentally pulled out my control center (where you go to screen record and all that), and the sound went away. Now naturally, what I did was go back into the control center and went back into IF and it magically came back.

Hope this helps!


iOS 14 , iPhone XR

Ohhh. It came back now! Thanks guys! :)

Btw It’s PilotCSG. I got a name change.

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