How to get screenshot of IF nominated loading screen

Hello I have some of screenshot of me at airports on IF. How does voting work to be featured on loading screen

It doesn’t. Staff usually takes the shot unless they come to your topic asking for it.

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You’ll just have to keep posting screenshots and photos, and if selected, the staff members will approach you to ask if they can use it. It’s really a matter of having good photos as well as some luck involved.


Ok thank you

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But like he said above does staff usually take the shots?

Most of the time, yes. A recent photo being featured that was made by @ZachN is probably the first time that has happened if I remember correctly.

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Post a good one.

I think Baloonchaser had a French Bee one before he got moderator and I think InfiniteQantas also had one, but I might be mistaken

As noted the best way is to take a ridiculously good UNEDITED screenshot at 4x using the replay screenshot feature. Then post on your own Instagram account and tag us in the shot. Another tip is to make sure it’s not zoomed in on the plane too much. There is quite a bit of cropping involved when you consider it has to be used across multiple device sizes.

That’s all.

A great way to not be featured: DM us about it 😉 Please don’t request we use it. I’ve ramped up sharing community content on the loading screen and Tyler is sharing more on our Instagram story but it’s not an official thing. Just keep taking cool shots!

We see all of the ones we’re tagged in!


It also helps if you send Jason a lucrative amount of bribe money, but that’s all under the table 😳


PayPal invoices can be sent to

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