How to get ride of wasted space in iphone

I have 12.12 GB of documents and data in infinite flight. I deleted all my replays, is there anyway to make this number go down?

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Itll unfortunately stay like that but what you can do is offload the app.

Hey, Kyler!

As far as I know, the only way for this number to decrease is to delete the application. The reason for this is because livery downloads, scenery, etc., remain stored on the device.

If you go down this path, please note that your settings configuration and in-flight status bar will be reset.

Hopefully this helps!

Offloading the app will save up space without deleting the app.

It will only save the amount of storage the app itself takes, not the data and documents :)

Reduces data usage tho.

I’m aware; however, I was under the impression that the OP wants Infinite Flight to take up less storage while having the app accessible at all times (possible by deleting and re-downloading once, not the constant need to re-download after offloading).

@CaptainKyler - apologies if my answer was not the one you were looking for.

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Well i mean technically yes because the app is not in use but that doesn’t eliminate the problem of them having 12GB documents and data, the best and maybe the only course of action is to delete the application, as already said above it will reset all in game configs so be weary.

Ok thanks but will deleting the app get rid of my pro sub

Not necessarily, theres an option that appears if you want to keep your subscription before deleting the app.

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