How to get rid of the blurry lines?

The runway lines, taxiway lines, airplane lines are so blurry and some parts missing. It wasn’t too noticeable when I first downloaded the Global update but every day I noticed it’s started to get worse. Is this happening for everyone or just me?

P.S. Anti-alising is on, without it, it looks even worse.

I think its an optimization feature. Drawing the features out further will cause performance issues on our devices because they need to draw those lines in. If you’d be happy to provide a screenshot of what you’re experiencing, that would be great, as it would help others understand what you’re experiencing. Thanks! 😊


Here is a screenshot of whats happening. This screenshot is not mine, credit goes to “Best IF Photos” post. My device is at home so I wasn’t able to take one right away but it its extremely similar.

It looks like anti-aliasing just needs to be turned on and the graphics turned up to the next notch if your device can handle the added performance requirement.

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Turn off the song Blurred Lines. That should help. All seriousness, I think it’s anti-analisying. Be careful as some devices cannot handle it. You can find it under settings and I think aircraft.

Is it normal to happen on the iPhone 6? Or is able to handle anti-aliasing?

I don’t think so as it’s an older device. But testing it will tell.

I have a similar issue on my Ipad, however on my iphone, it does not have this issue. What I think this is is settings. Maybe because my Ipad has worse specs than my iphone, it automatically adjusted to ensure higher frame rates. So if you adjust your settings up, you could have lower frame rates.

Yes, I think my device specs and frame rate are the main factors.