How to get rid of level 1 violations

Once when i was flying the pland descended too fast even though the speed was set to 245kts it flew 300+kts
And it was unnoticed by me so iget level 1 continuously and didn’t notice so i end with 3 level 1 violation now my doubt is how to get rid of ot pls help wil it stay on my stats forever or it will not be counted after 8 days??


The only time you can appeal a LV1 violation is a technical error. As this was not a technical error and simply a pilot error, it cannot be appealed. It will eventually not take effect after a certain amount of time.

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Hello @ThePilotXD999 and welcome to the community. Level 1 violations are based on your flying and are system generated. Had you said there was perhaps an app error then I would direct you to our appeals team to look at your replay. The violations will be on your stats but will “drop off” after 7 days.

Note that it is important to have control of your aircraft and with a steep descent things like that can happen where you are going too fast. A great option would be to try and level out and reduce some speed, delay vector yourself so you can make it to the runway at an appropriate speed to avoid such things.

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Thank you @RickG but what about the level 1 violations/landings ration now it’s 0.07 will it drop off after 7 days?? To 0.00??

@OregonAviaton Thanks but my doubt is will all the level 1 violation stat come to 0 after 7 days?

The violations to landings ratio is yearly based. One year from the date of the violation(s) it will return to zero assuming you do not get more
violations before then.

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Thanks @Altaria55

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