How to get rid of a report?

Hello, I have been using infinite flight for about a month now and just turned to grade 3 today. Some air traffic controller reported me and I do not know what I did wrong.
Is there any way of taking it down or anything? And will I ever be able to play on the Expert server again?

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Yeah look at your log book and tell us who reported you. It will be alright if you have proper reasoning!

Who was your controller? Please refer to your logbook. Then, contact them via PM.

I already looked in my logbook but I do not know how to find who reported me

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Let us know who the controller was and we can direct you to the appropriate person and yes you can play on expert once the report expires 🙂

Can you send a screenshot?

In your logbook you will see who reported you and why. You might be able to get it removed by talking to them. Remember to be kind! If it doesn’t work out, you will have to spend a week away from the expert server, but then your grade should be restored and you’ll be back in ES.

Ok I will do that

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Looking your logbook, and press the ℹ button. It will tell us who reported you. Either provide a screenshot or type the name that appears :). This will help you resolve your issue. The difference here is I’m actually giving you helpful instructions to how.

Please PM @Heavydriver.

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Ok thank you so much

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My immediate thought is you may have gone too close to an aircraft after take off, and the controller thought it was your fault. He will be notified and he will PM you when he is ready. Be kind and accept your mistakes if you see they are yours :), best of luck, and sorry to hear your report so soon, but always listen to ATC on the expert server… ALWAYS. They are trained professionals unlike the Training Server.

And also to answer our question, if your report isn’t removed (most likely I hate to break it to you), then you won’t be able to access the Expert Server for 1 week/7 days immediately after the report.

Guys when it’s answered it’s done about 5 people said the same exact thing there is no use when it’s repeated over and over again just let one person answer don’t rush to be the first to answer. Your not getting to Regular at this rate if you repeat and say the same thing that people ahead of you said it’s not helpful check out this topic by @Marc to help with this.

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Don’t speculate, please.

As far not knowing what you did wrong, @Polski, Heavydriver can tell you, as he was there.

We cannot, though the reason used is rather self-explanatory.

Reports will not be taken away because you didn’t know the rules of Expert. It is very clear when you access it and when you spawn that there are prerequisites.



You are free to send @Heavydriver a private message to inquire about this report. I’m sure he’d explain what it was you did wrong.