How to get rid of a report

Hi My name is Tom I’ve been playing for about a year and just today 12/29/18 I got a report on me for not going around when I just touch down on a runway at Dubai International. Right when I touch down the ATC Tower said “Go around” But it was to late and now I can’t play expert server for a week. Is there anything that you guys can do to put me back on the expert server and take away the report

Callisign: T-OM

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Hello @AnyAirlineFlyer05,

Take a look at your Logbook and it will have the name of the controller that ghosted you. Contact them and they’ll be happy to help.

If you can’t find them, let me know and I’ll be happy to help. :)


Alright Thanks bro if I get confused I’ll let you know

No problem. Happy to help. :)

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How do I contact them

Well to be honest, even if you touched down, you could still be able to rotate and go around. I would contact the controller just like what Declan just said

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Just FYI - even once you touch down you can still go around. I don’t know how long after you touched down that the controller instructed a go around, but you certainly can go around within the first few seconds after touchdown.

Contact them via PM

How do I contact them
Sorry I’m only 13 and confused 😐

Click your profile pic on the top right and you will see a mail envelope click that an you should be able to take it from there

What was the name of the controller in the logbook?

Via PM on the forum. Search their name using the magnifying glass, and then select their profile.

There will be a button that says ‘Message’.


@r3life is your guy

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@r3life is your guy I belive

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What do I say to him?
Lol 😐

Go on his profile and tap on private message.
If you’re not TL1, you’ll be unable to do so.

Oh tell him what happened, what was your callsign, what time it was and he’ll do his best to help you.

just ask him what I did wrng and he will explain it

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Could he take it back?