How to get real airport information while creating a event?

I like to create events but I always stop halfway through because I get stuck on allocating aircraft’s and destinations and usually and up in allowing the pilots to come at their own preference of gate even I the gate is too big or small for their chosen aircraft.

how do I know the gate that accommodates the correct aircraft type and airline?How do other people creating events know what type of aircraft’s can be accommodated in a certain parking spot?


Well when coming up with large flyout events,I always research airline destinations on Wikipedia.

I then search up that airport’s website for terminal information and terminal and gate maps.

Finally I use Flightradar24,then search up that airport using search,and click on the section labeled ‘Routes’. It tells me all the airport’s routes in the next 7 days,and also tells me what airline and what aircraft is used. Using playback after clicking on the flight number,I can search up gate information used recently.

It might seem like a lot of trouble,but in the end it’s all worth it 😉


that was very useful
Thanks so much for taking time to type that


I have to do that for my routes database for Emirates Virtual (can’t actually reserve until 23 February :c). Personally, I think it’s one of the most fun parts of the whole thing. I would enjoy doing it for you in the future if you’d like.

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In addition to the above I would recommend the fantastic LiveFlight which gives great information for all airports regarding gate/aircraft size.


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