How To Get People To Join Your Events?

How To Get People To Join Your Events?

Step: 1

Don’t be mad if no shows to your events, because of dates! First of all Dates, because of work, school etc… I believe the best dates of an Event would be either Saturday or Sunday! Saturday will give you more chances of people coming ot your event as on Sunday people need to get ready to start the week (which everyone loves😩) !

Step 2:

Time, From my experience on this forum I believe the best times to have an event would be from 2020-01-11T18:00:00Z - 2020-01-11T22:00:00Z. I chose Saturday’s, because from Event experience etc… Give the best amount of people to come to your events!! On Sunday are good too, chances are less people will come!

Step 3:

Being Unique from the other events! Last Year @George_Flack made some unique #live:events that got lots of people attention. Being different from the other will get people attention, which could lead to people attending your events!
!Keep the titles short please!

Step 4:

Adding Realism to your events! The more real your events are to the real world the more attention it gets. This is all about attention, you get the attention the more people will look at it which can have more people attending! Adding real world procedures to your events will sell-out a lot! Something some people could work on is the body format of the event and how it’s structured, that’s important to have a format that’s is appealing, because it shows that you are organized and may result in people joining!


Having an Event PM will help-out knowing which people are joining are not. Good time is 1 week before, so people can make time, so they join your events! 😉

If I forgot anything feel free too tell me! Anyways! Thank you for reading! ;)


Tell me if #meta is right for this topic?

Thanks for the tips, I’ll definitely use these for when I make an event. Timing timing timing.

🚨 Spoiler Alert: I might make an event soon. 🚨

Not 100% sure, but I do believe #meta is correct.

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Thank you! Made this so can help people who get mad after the made the event during the week! ;) 🤦‍♂️

Can the event be on Training Server?

@MJP_27 mind doing that in a PM!

I just realized I said this exact same thing months and months ago when I first got TL2. So in that case, who knows if I will or not?

Sorry about that

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Great tips! Another thing I think is also important is the body format of the event or how it’s structured. It’s very important to have a format that is visually appealing because it shows that you are organized and may result in people joining.

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I’ll add some of your words into the thread (forgot about it)! @PilotDog

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Added some of it! ;)

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Change The time As An Error Happened!

Also, an important factor for this is:

Creative Titles!

(Short ones though)

I see many events with titles like “ HUGE GIGANTIC REALISTIC FLYOUT 230+ GATES AVAILABLE.

(Exaggerated title. Don’t take it seriously)

Frankly, I see it as a poor way to attract attendees (unless it’s EGLL or something like that). Without a creative title the event loses its value.

I really like this example:

Title is creative and short, just like how Trio would have wanted it.

Now I’m not shaming any events here, I’m just stating my opinion on this question.

Nothing personal.

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Yes keep the titles short! Don’t try to get attention by putting CAPS!

Wait… should I have used Caps? Haha great thread and what a great example of a good event title! 😉

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Good list! Eventually what decides if I join an event is if the time and day suits me! Definitely an important aspect of planning an event

Thanks for the kind words @Mike_Lima_Tango ! :D

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