How to get people to come to a ATC thread

I just started a ATC thread and am having a hard time getting people to come (so far only one person) I was wondering if anybody had some advice thanks!

Just gotta wait for more people to come. One person giving valuable feedback is more important than trying to get more people in your airspace. I’ll try to stop by in a bit if I can.

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Thanks I just wanted some more advice

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Don’t worry. Sometimes it just may be that people are not in the same time zone as you as well. I try to stop by at all the tracking thread as I see if I have time. As you open more, more people will come by and give you feedback.

Thanks! For the advice

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If I see someone open, I’ll more than likely come if I can!

Well I am open right now if you want to stop by at EGLC on training server

Repetition and consistency.

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