How to get Open Beta

Hello there!

I am an Infinite Flight player and really want the open beta… I could not get it since it is full… A few topics say that Infinite Flight will surely increase capacity but it’s been a while and nothing ever happened. I have been really jealous now especially the IFATC just released a 777 week… :(

I am wondering when the beta will increase capacity. If never, when is the estimated time of release? ps. I use iOS.

Sorry for asking, I am just getting too sad and jealous :(

Thanks! Ill reply / rewd tomorrow morning SG time

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Hey there!

The cap for iOS is increased in increments to prevent flooding of the servers. If you aren’t able to get in soon, don’t worry, the 20.2 update has been approved by Apple and is undergoing developer review, so it shouldn’t be long before it’s officially released!


I just attempted to install beta on a different iOS device, and I had no issues.


I’m sure they know that. They meant that the schedule is entirely 777-centric.


Yes. Thanks

All details are available here:

There’s no other way :)


Sometime next week. It depends on apple. IF on there Developmental timeline said not on, or near the weekend due to staff availability.

what? how?! its opened?

Probably because his account already had the beta.

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I am so sad :( I really wanted to make videos of it but I wasn’t greedy enough… I had so many ideas in my head and I still have to wait a while now…

Also, is developers gonna increase capacity any chance or will we wait till 20.2 is out.

Sorry for being aggressive… I can’t wait for the next beautiful IF update to come out

It’s ok. Just hold on a little while longer. I get that this might be painful for you, but once 20.2 releases on the open market, you will feel happy that you had the power to wait and endure.

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