How to get onto grade 3.

I have been playing Infinite Flight for about 4 months. I only get to have one long flight in the evening. Despite learning how to play properly (use ATC properly and abide by rules) I am still on grade 2. I bought this game with the intention of a very real simulator but being stuck on grade 2 I can only fly on the training server which is not realistic at all due to poor ATC controllers. Is it possible to get onto the expert server without being grade 3?

I would just make many landings to rack up XP but I do not have the time to do that. What do you suggest?

If I can’t play on the expert server that is more realistic then the only option is to stop playing infinite flight and look for a more realistic simulator with better ATC that doesn’t require me to play for months and spend lots of money before I can play on an expert server.


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Sorry but that is just how it goes. Grade 3 is required for Expert server.

Grade is tied to experience and finding time to dedicate to flying. If you do not have time to do landing then I am not sure what else to do.


If you search for an airport with strong winds and do some patterns in a GA, you will get a lot of XP and landings in a short amount of time. That is the fastest way.

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On the grade board, you’ll see how to get as many XP, Landings, Flight Hours, etc.

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I agree with your points but I (and I’m sure many other people) have busy lives. I have to spend a lot of my time and, more importantly, money to level up. I believe that exceptions should be made where appropriate.

For example, a real pilot might not be able to get onto the expert server. This is not because of his/her experience but because of how much time he/she has. On the other hand, a teenager with lots of time could more easily get onto the expert server without knowing what they are doing?

Unfortunately that is how it is.

Other people with grade 3-5 can find time to make it to expert. Grade 3 has been proven to be a good middle ground for expert access. Even moderators have to work to maintain their activity level to stay at or above grade 3. This means that when you see a grade 5 pilot they have put in the dedication.

You can get a number of landings in the time it has taken you to post messages. It can be done.

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I suggest lots of touch and goes and short hauls and landing at airports with lots of wind. It’s how I skyrocketed up the rankings.

I’ve been useing if for almost a year now, I am still at Grade 2. I only do short flights like ATL-SAV, CLT-HHH, JFK-BTV, and the occasional JFK-LHR.

Look at your 90 day requirement table

This brings forward another issue. People that have spare time but do not follow rules can progress easier people with experience and no time. I believe that maybe there should be a mandatory test to prove that you know how to fly and not prove that you just have time. This is just my own opinion.

Everything you bring up has been talke about before and is available in the features section for voting. Expert server allows ghosting where controller can report the pilots for not following rules.


People who are serious can only make it through expert. ATC is very good at spotting those who sneak in and I keep a look out too. On expert I have had only a handful of incidents with people of questionable ability.

Getting to grade 3 only requires 50 landings. Since you’re only doing long hauls, the flight time and XP should be no problem to achieve. So how have you been playing for 4 months, and still not been able to reach 50 landings? You think it’s fair to just let every pilot onto the Expert Server? It would be a complete nightmare, and takes away part of the challenge and fun of leveling up.

I too have a busy life that only allows me to do 1 long haul a day (start it the morning of, or night before) and land when I get home from class/work. Sometimes I’ll squeeze another short haul or two in the evening after dinner. In due time man…


Quite the opposite. I believe that people who can prove that they have ability should be let on rather than people with time.

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All you need is 50 landings, which in my opinion is still too low. The increments between Grade 3, 4 and 5 makes no mathematical sense to me; The difference in landing count is outrageous. If anything it’s like the Devs made it easier for people to achieve Grade 3 for this exact issue: so no one gets discouraged.

How many landings do you have right now? It’s Saturday, try some touch and goes at an airport of your choice.

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Isn’t becoming a pilot all about putting in the time/ hours? I am a relative newbie like yourself and have made it to Grade 3 without doing all the circuit work that is mentioned. I found the time and primarily flew US domestic routes to get my 50 and counting.

And here is something controversial - the expert server is not IF Heaven. I have found it to be eerily quiet compared to the training server. I’m not sure if everyone just congregates where ATC is, but apparently the bulk of the pilots are not where I am.

And as @Chris_S mentioned, I hope you are putting some time in while on the forum.

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FDS has been clear on their guidelines and has made steps to make the environments better over time.

  • With our user base there is no perfect solution and as many of the posts that have been done before in the past have stated, holes have been punched in every solution.
  • Anyone can fly correctly or answer questions for a test to gain access.
  • Recent changes have impacted the training server too in an effort to help improve quality.

Everything everyone is saying has been posted two dozen time before and is out of our control. We use what we can to make the pilot experience better for everyone.

This comes down to you and you wanting expert access, I get it. Outside of the xp and flight time requirements, landing counts can easily be maintained with a little bit of preparation and small amount of dedication. If people arent willing to put in that effort to get the to expert, should they even be there, regardless of what type of pilot they are?

I am warning the thread now that these sort of posts end up going in circles very quickly and usually get flagged at some point and end up closed. I know you are somewhat new to the forum but again everyhing you and others have brought up has been discussed before.


Currently, I have a JFK-LHR going as suggested by somebody else. Thanks for the insight into the Expert Server. Also, XP is the problem, not landings.

Now that global is available, you can easily gain much XP by doing an overnight flight while you slept. This is what most people do for the 15 hour flights.


Do a lot of touch and goes, landings get a lot of Xp, and are also required stats. When able, ex, overnight do long haul flights, a 9hr flight can get you up to a few thousand xp, but don’t forget about the landings, it took me weeks to get to get to grade 3, but these practices have gotten me to grade 5, so they work. But remember don’t use these to outpace your actual skill level, don’t try to be grade 5 when you have only played for a few months…

Good luck!