How to Get On ATC (For Beginners)

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So I have seen multiple people asking how to control instead of flying (Not actually how to control, but how to get onto the controlling screen instead of flying).

When you open IF, press the “Air Traffic Control” button.

Now, you can only control on the “ATC Playground” server for the time being, so make sure you selected that server.

When you have done all of that, press the select airport button, when you are on the region screen, click on the desired region, you then just select the airport you want to control at.

When you select an airport, on the right side of the screen it will give you various options, select the desired position (Tower, Ground and Approach usually come up).

Then, click “OK”, then press the same button you would to start a flight.

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Note you can now find ATC in it’s own ‘Air traffic Control’ button on the IF Home screen.

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I get to airport selection,but it doesn’t take me to the airport or give me options such as ground or approach.Am I missing a step?

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Select your station in the airport selection. All have Tower but some don’t have Ground.

Thanks for your assistance.Got it.

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How would I be able to contact aircraft and respond to taxi/takeoff requests etc.

Nice post, good guidance for the beginners.

ATC isn’t working. Says I don’t qualify. How can I can qualify for this please. Thank you

@Adore here’s the procedure to be an ATC on the expert server:

I think it said you dont qualify because you tried to load into the expert server