How to get my grade upgraded?

Hi! So I’ve been on IF Pro since a while & I’ve already flown almost 32 hrs yet with 36 online flights & my XP is 20200 but my landings are just 9 yet. I want to know does a landing mean even turning off the engines because since a couple of my latest flights, I end the flight just after expediting off the runway. Also let me know how can I get upgraded as just the landings need to be completed everything else is pretty good. Thanks!

This should help you out. A landing is when all wheels touch town on the runway, to be safe I would say for al least a couple of seconds. It’s mostly about your number of landing. And then some XP as well but, with flying comes XP.

The grade table in the post above shows what is required to reach and keep a certain Grade.

Yes, landings are important. A touch and go can count as a landing, as long as all weels touch the runway. So go and do some patterns, preferrable on windy airports, touch down, roll for a short bit, and go again. Great fun and good for the landing experience.


There are also some occasions where it takes the grade table a few minutes to catch up.

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