How to get More XP

This is just a question: How do people get so many XP? I have seen people do flights from New York to Los Angeles and get 10,000 XP, but when I did it, I only ended up getting 4,800 XP. I just don’t understand how some people do it.

Land at windy airports with frequent touch and goes.


Some ways that help me are

  1. Touch and goes in heavy winds
  2. Long hauls as you mentioned above it really depends on weather conditions and flight time
  3. pattern work in windy conditions

EGLL, touch and goes. (Casual Server)

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Speaking of which anyone wanna do some CRJ Pattern work?

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Also Search the topics on the community to help with methods as well there are a numerous amount :) Also here is basically how XP is calculated


This website can help you find some good places to get XP based on the wind. @Pingu

Adding onto what’s been said before;

  • Long Flights
  • Landing in windy conditions
  • Smooth landings
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Thanks everyone for the advice! I will try some of these methods.

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Especially try landing at windy airports in the CRJ. It is the right size and can land in gusty conditions with accuracy and smoothness while being fun at the same time.

High crosswind patterns are the best way to get the good stuff. The windiest METARs can be found here

(Note that some codes are weather stations, not actual airports)

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Lol you guys keep posting websites where you can find the *cough cough * WORST weather in the world. XD

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