How to get more members at events?

Why I don’t have members in my event.

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Create a better and more attractive event. It sounds a bit simple, but often that’s what it’s all about.
This forum contains many good examples. What helps are:

  • pick a date that hasn’t been taken yet
  • well known airports in countries people like. An event in Afghanistan may not attract the biggest crowd.
  • add gates to your event
  • add some pictures.
  • add [XX] attending to your post title. This seems to be the new thing now, and I think it helps because people go where the people are.
  • get a Virtual Airline to participate
  • bribe Tyler and get it as part of the weekly IFATC schedule (may be a tough one 😉)

Create it well in advance (a few weeks up to a few months) and allow time for people to attend.

Every reply to your event bumps it up and to the top of ‘Latest’ to the forum. If you haven’t had replies for a few days, you may want to bump it up yourself


Hey, you just made your event 7 minutes ago. I’m sure people will join eventually. Looks like a great event though! Patience is key 👍


Here’s an example:

I know this is mine but I learned to make events long and attractive 😂. Yours in my opinion is attractive though.

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The length of the event thread means nothing. It’s about the quality of the event thread.

Nice plug ;)


I also suggest an “Incognito” bump rather than a normal bump. An incognito bump is where everyone knows you are bumping the thread to the top but at the same time it’s not really bumping. E.g.

There are only 30 days left until my event and there are plenty of gates left! Join now!!!

versus regular bumping which isn’t really allowed:

Bumping this thread up because no one is joining my event.


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Woah slow down there mate! Be patient, you will get members signing up if you’ve advertised it correctly. You should make sure to include lots of info about your event, and present it well in a topic. I know I’m one of those people that like things that look good (I’m sure everyone is), so the better it looks, the more people that will sign up


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