How to get more landings

EHAM is strongly recommended by me. There are multiple runways crossing each other. You easily get a couple of landings with the firat 5 minutes.


Thank you very much! Everyone was very helpful

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I highly recommend the Cessna X, very small and fast.

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Oh yeah EHAM is great for touch and gos
Runway Hopping is easy as they are all bunched together
Depending on winds my patterns usually look something like this;

Just hop in a turboprop on casual and you’ll be right


And i do fully land and it does not update my landings

The idea behind landings being a key factor to determining your grade is so you practice and learn how to properly approach and land. Just doing as many “landings” as you can in a short period of time defeats the purpose if you are not concerned about actually learning how to properly approach and land.

The suggestions given above are great if you want to rack up XP and your landing counts if you are already proficient at it. However, since you are grade 1 - I’d suggest you do the right thing - learn how to properly fly patterns and practice doing proper touch and goes.


All wheels must touch the ground and your landing count may take a few minutes to update.

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also when landing make sure your GROUND SPEED not airspeed goes below 40kts or else in my experience it dosent seem to count.

That is incorrect. Landings count despite your speed. You just need to make sure all wheels touch the ground. If your info was true I’d have 1/3 of my landings as I fly a lot of patterns on jets and thus never slow down that much in between touch and goes.

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well since i do landings in props that might be why it seemed so, thanks for the info

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KNRC is recommended by me in Cessna Citation X. In one hour I get about 60 landings.


If you don’t like GA and you like airliners try KCVG

here is why I recomend It is never busy unlike EHAM

60 in an hour?? Sounds great and all but it’s important to remember that it can potentially come around and bite ya 90 days later. To keep your Grade you must maintain a number of landings on a rolling 90 day period.
I’d recommend you plan it out over a course of a few days and maybe do between 5-10 landings per day.
For example: Unless you keep your per day landings count high, you’ll just drop a few grades if you don’t pay attention and be forced to fly on the Training Server until you get your landings back up, which could be at least 60 in this case.


:rolling_on_the_floor_laughing: This looks like what my 5 year old brings home!
No offence!


Now, I am someone that has always had problems with landings, in grade 3, close to grade 4, but I don’t do touch and goes, I always do a realistic flight that’s around 30-1:30 minutes. That way I retain the realism enjoy the flight and have fun. It’s up to you, but the way I did it tonight me how to be a pilot the way it did.

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Do pattern work at numerous airports. Many Touch & Goes.

If You want to go a tad bit crazy, hop on to LAX on Casual and use 06L and 25R for T&Gs at the same time. You’ll be able to gain 1 landing every 3 minutes I believe.

Another way would be to go ham in KEDW. Lots of runways, parallel, non-parallel for all Your grade table needs. Average T&G time 1.5 minutes.

Then we have the cluster regions of mini-airports in the world. The Chicago region is full of them. Average time for T&Gs with a Cessna Citation X about 3 minutes.

Keep in mind, all of the times were tested on CASUAL. Doing this on TS is not recommended, as well as expert.

Also, optimize Your flights when You are not home. This is important to push as much landings as possible (and as other people noted, keep them in the 90 day mark). Accommodate 20 minutes for each landing, takeoff, climb, descent and most importantly, do not stall like me.

This is the biggest point. Yes there are ways to get a bunch of landings. But keep in mind that the landings you do today will drop off in 90 days. Then you will most likely post a message on here saying “I was a grade xxx but now I’m xxx where did my landings go”

@LennyD hit the nail on the head with his post.

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If you do touch and go will it be classed as a landing?

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But remember that all landing gears has to touch the runway and you’ll have to stay on the runway with all gear touching it for a second or two.

By doing this you’ll gain a landing that’ll add to your landing count :)


Do I need to contact the ATC ?
(I know I’m on the casual server but I want to be realistic)