How to get maximum realism for infinite flight

How can you simulate max realism? Here’s how: you must be on a plane, and connected to WiFi, start at the airport you are currently at while on the plane, and begin pushback in game at the same time as in real life, taxi via same taxiways, and takeoff at same speed and VS, follow the flight plan, turn at same times and bank angles, and descend at same descent rate, land on same runway, and taxi to same gate. This all = MAX REALISM

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That is certainly the way to do it! Then you should take a picture of the device with the airplane window in the background and share it with Infinite Flight (FDS)


Ah yess, it would be like flying yourself in a full motion sim

I flew to Florida recently and decided to take a water bottle, level it against my mouth before takeoff, and as the plane’s nose rose, the water poured into my mouth. I then choked on my water laughing at the situation


This is one way to make infinite flight more realistic! There are also #thirdparty apps that are available that also increase the realism to Infinite Flight! Another great way is to join a virtual airline. Most virtual airlines that are off a real airline offer the exact same routes as the real airline and you are able to file a PIREP, look at airport information, get credit for your flight and even more! If you not interested in joining a virtual airline, you can always find a Virtual Airline that offer passengers to book on one of there flights. I know Southwest Virtual (they are not really active anymore) and WOW virtual (not IFVARB certified yet) offers community members to book, check in, and fly. Now that is pure realism. But in the end it comes down to how realistic YOU make it.

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