How to get level 2/3 violations

How to get your level 2/3 violations quickly gone! I have waited for a year now and it’s still there image|820x378

If you can spawn in at any airport on the live servers. The violation should be expired and put you back at Grade 4.

I tried that when AVDAN did the Athens to Dubai flight and I participated in it openly thinking it would get rid of the violations but after I landed it did not work

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t all of the violations shown less than a year old?

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But it seems like these were issued within this year… I could be wrong but I think you still have to wait until the same day they were issued next year for them to disappear.

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A year is 365 days long, and can even be 366 days in a leap year!


Unfortunately, your oldest violation was issued on January 4th of this year. You will be eligible for grade 4 on January 4, 2022. No worries though as Grade 4 and 5 do not give any benefits outside of tag color. Be careful though, you are at the limit for violations for grade 3. If you receive one more Level 2 or 3 violation before January 4th, you will be unable to access the expert server until that date.