How to get Landings Quickly

Hey community, I am almost at Grade 4. I need 11 more landings (I already have 265) for the 100 landings in 90 days. What is the best aircraft for grinding landings? What is the best airport for landings? I’m sure this thread could help out others who need landings fast.

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Few of my favorite airports have been KDRO, KJAC, KTVL, KTUS, and many of the smaller Florida airports. Then for my aircraft I used either an A318 since it’s small, or a TBM since it can do tight turns with it’s lower speed.


I would fly the 172 in very tight patterns at any one runway airport like KSAN.


TBM is definitely a fun Aircraft to do patterns in. I usually find an active Charlie airport on expert (sometimes bravos will allow pattern work if not too busy), and just grind patterns. Turning crosswind midfield and doing short downwinds is very easy in the TBM.


How do I tell the difference between a Charlie and a Bravo airport, before spawning in?

You don’t. Most of them have low traffic flow though, so if the arrival board isn’t showing may people inbound, it’s worth a shot to see if the ATIS allows patterns.

Plus, it helps out IFATC apprentices since they can only control Charlies

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fly the citation x very maneuverable, light, and fast. Just try doing some flights in Hawaii

Touch and goes at KMCO and start jumping between the runways. Any from the A32S or 737s works just fine. This is what I do. You can get 50 as easy in 20 min.


I’d say the Cessna Citation X (KHHR to KLAX and vice versa), very short and can get around 10 landings in 20 minutes.


I’ve always used tight patterns in an F-22 to quickly build my landing count.

The F-22 is probably a little too fast, I mean 5kts of wind and you could easily have to go around, that’s why I use to use the Cessna citation X, it has a good mixture of speed and stability.

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KEDW makes you rack up landings quickly in a Cessna 208 runway 21 turn right into runway 5B


I got 10 landings in 15 minutes flying KHHR-KLAX-KHHR repeatedly. I have one more landing until Grade 4!

Well, I hit Grade 4! Thank you all for the suggestions on how to achieve it!

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I just go on casual and take off from JFK RWY 4L then I land on a different RWY like 31L
Got me my G4 lol

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Of course KNRC is perfect in a citation.

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Patterns on EHAM and you’re good.
Lovely winds today here; good for the XP.
And plenty of runways in all directions.

Casual server of course.

The easiest plane To land is e175 I normally fly the US air livery

best plane to land in my opinion

@Sebastian9915 cant do that at a controlled airspace

I find that the C750 (which is the plane I used for this), the DH8D, and the 737-800 are the easiest to do patterns with.