How to get landing!

So I haven’t been playing the game for a while so I have 10/15 landing for 90 days so I decided to do touch and goes on the solo server , just their I got 8-10 landings but then I checked my account to see if I went up my landings and it still showed me as 10/15.Every time I drop to grade 2 it’s because of the landings but I always go back to grade 3, so it was just kinda odd for that too happen. Could someone help me please?!

Hello & welcome back!

Solo isn’t a server and no flight stats are counted there.

If you’re down to Grade 1, you must start at Casual Server :)


Im grade 2 and I flew on the training server too and still didn’t get any landings. So basically from what I understood, when ur grade 2 or less the only way u can get landings is from flying on the casual server correct?

The 90 days(landing) is one that takes in account all your landings in 90 days. Hence as the days pass the landings drop if you do not maintain the consistency(the number of landings you do per day). In grade 2 you can get landings from both Casual and Training server. However you cannot get landings in solo.

Generally what I do to try and maintain/increase my 90 days landing count is to do multiple flights per day(most commonly a flight to and from a destination eg SIN to BKK and back to SIN). This is because doing multiple flights will give multiple landings and giving a chance for you to maintain or increase the landing count.

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I might be able to help a bit.

You must be in the air for one landing to count for 30 - 45 seconds.

Maybe that is what is happening.

Thank u for the advice

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