How to get IF on another account?

Hey everyone! I was wondering if there is a way to get IF on my phone. I had already downloaded the game and paid for it on my tablet and on my gmail account. Now I got a new phone and I want to get IF on my phone but since my new phone has a different email address I can’t download IF without paying. Is there a way to get the game since I had already purchased it on another account/platform? Thank you!

Hello! Unfortunately there is no way I’m afraid. Have you changed operating system or is it just the account that is causing this? If so, why not use the original account?

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Hi again! I have an apple and on apple since you have to use your Apple ID for the App Store I can change it but I can’t change it to a gmail for some reason.


Then you should just be able to use the same Apple-ID as you do on your iPad? Or am i missing something here and that tablet is Android?

If you have two Apple IDs you can link them together through Family Sharing (you can do that in your iCloud settings) and then redownload IF ;)

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