How to get grade 4

I’ve just been wondering how I get to grade 4. I have 440 hours of flight time, 1,343 online flights, 964 landings, and 325,123XP. What requirements do I need for grade 4?

Take a screenshot of your chart and post it

I’m going to take a nice guess and say that either:

  • Your Landings/Flight Time in the past 90 days isn’t up to par

  • You have to many violations in the past 7 days

You should post a screenshot of your grade table so we can take a look at what you need

I’m guessing you don’t meet the 90 day landing and flight time requirements (or you got some violations and you’re a temporary grade 3)

You to make every requirement.

Here is my flight chart

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unfortanatly it is as simple as being which requirements are orange and that is the one you need to fix. if they rant orange I would PM a mod

Too many violations the past 7 days and too little landings, you need 61 more landings and wait for the violations to fall off and you’ll be grade 4 :)

I see. Alright. Now I feel kinda stupid! haha. Thank you guys for all the help.

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Just follow the grade table and you’ll be there in no time. No problem. That’s what we’re here for. ;)

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you need 1 less violations every day. and 1 less every week. and you need 61 more landings every 90 days.

no worries everybody doesn’t notice everything at first. but that is why there is the IFC. good luck on your quest to 4.

Next time for your reference, if you see something in your table that is yellow, it means something is wrong, compare your stats to the yellow stats and you’ll understand. Happy flying!


Like some of our community members stated, you can’t have any yellow in the column for which you are working towards. In this case you have yellow for both the violations and for the landings in 90 days. Patterns will help close the gap for the landings, and ensuring you’re paying close attention to your flight will reduce the possibility of getting violations.

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