How To Get Grade 4 Faster

Hi everyone I have a question I’m grade 3 right now but I’m trying to get to grade 4 how can you speed it up to get grade 4 faster because I have everything right except I don’t have enough landings, so I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. Thank you very much

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You could do patterns to increase your landing count
Or you could do a bunch of commercial flights


Hey just do some patterns for xp and total landnings and landings 90 days. You will be grade 4 in no time :D

Ok I’ll try that I’ll do some patterns

Once you get to grade 4, you might drop back to grade 3 due to violations. That’s why I’m grade 3 right now, but I’ll be grade 4 agin in a few days

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Well I don’t have any violations

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You could try doing some patterns with the new xCub or any GA aircraft? Take advantage of this GA week tour!
What else we can ask for? Nice sceneries and patterns :)

one thing I would like to advice u is not to rush grades. Grades are meant to indicate some sort of skill level of a pilot (pf course not at all times) but pushing this process without actually learning by it just seems wrong.


  • Do long hauls often to fill the flight time
  • do fast pattern work (I recommend casual server, LOWI, Cessna 208)

EHAM in the XCub, landing on all runways would work well

I reccomend doing this on Casual so there is no risk for violations

I know what you’re saying but I have all the requirements I just need landings

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I simply fly an F-16 on the Casual server at KCLT. I’ve made up to 50 landings in one day. It is recommended here because of the parallel runways.


Thank you I’ll try that

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50 landings that’s a lot, i could use 50 landings 😂 anyway thanks for the advice

I recommend flying patterns in a C172 around KMEM. The parallel runways make it easy for me to land there. I got my Grade 4 from this. 👆

To add some sprinkles on top do an overnight flight every night you possibly can.

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I do an overnight flight almost every night 😄👍🏽

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Good. It really does help maintain Grade 4 when you achieve it.

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my method is probably the fastest u will find


Land and takeoff in an aerea with a lot of airports like london or Los Angeles

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Thank you very much and Welcome to the Community 👋🏽😄👍🏽