How to get global server to work again?

How can I get global server to work again? It’s down for me.

Did you happen to be disconnected at any point in time? (eg, received a call, a pop up notification)

What’s your storage on your device currently?

And is your scenery currently blurry?

My wifi had went out. It’s back up but Global Server won’t connect. It’s the red ! I’m circling around, I can’t see the airport.

Try turning Airplane Mode on, then off again after 15-20 seconds


That didn’t work.

Maybe try #support? Or, you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Check that your WiFi is also actually fully up and running, a green light does not always mean it’s back to 100% capacity. Weather and other local events can also have an impact on WiFi.

don’t uninstall the app… he just has connection issues


@Beniamino I see you at DFW. Are you able to see the scenery? Or is it just me.

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Unable to check right now.

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Chris, when you disconnect from the sim for a long time such as a wifi outage there is a large chance you won’t come back in. That is more than likely what happened here. I am sorry to hear your wifi went out, but I doubt you will get the live server back.

Ok. When your done with your flight. I’d check!


@JarrettFlies I have everything but global server. I can see the players around me.

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Because it just is because the scenery isn’t loading it, but for the same reason that you were disconnected for some time. If you thoroughly did all the steps mentioned above I do not think there is anything more we can do for you, Chris. Perhaps one of the wonderful support staff know a special we don’t but the information posted above is all i have seen to help the situation.

Have you tried ending the flight?

My suggestions:

  • End the flight and join back in
  • Restart the app
  • Restart you device
  • Delete and reinstall if none else work

@PilotChrisSG, did any of these work?

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I had no problems at all with the scenery

When it disconnects, there is no possible way to reconnect while in flight. There is a possibility that if you use airplane mode, it could work, but it is unlikely. Unfortunately, there’s nothing Infinite flight can really do about the connection issues. It has happened to all of us, and it’s unfortunate and un lucky.