How to get from grade 1 to next grade?

Im playing already 2 days from my month subscription.
I already did 5 flight online. I had this game from 2014. But i never tried online. So i already pay and i got. BUT I CANT UNDERSTAND how i pass or star grade 1 to next grade.? I said i already did 5 6 landings perfect… pleaeee

You don’t fly from Grade 1 to Grade 3 with merely 5 flights bruh

Just read the table and you’ll know what you need to advance to Grade 3 :)


You have to fly often to get XP (doing touch and goes or just doing long flights) . It takes some landings and XP earned to past levels. Like grade 4 I need 50’000 XP and 250 landings. It’s less for grade 3 :)

Hello. Thanks. I understnad it already.
So i cant understand how start grade 1. I did 7 landings perfectly because i had this game from 2014 but just now in playing online.

Solo landings don’t count towards live stats (:


But there i already did 6 landings and there say 0 why ? :/…

Hello. But there i cant see atc for play online in grade 1? Why?

Make sure you landed and exited the runway instead of just exiting the game after coming to a halt on the runway

I cant heard Atc? Why?

The system may of not recognize it was a landing maybe because of the quality or something else. Try flying for 30 minutes doing touch and goes and look if you still get 0 landing

^^ That explains it all. Just keep practicing some touch and goes on live (not solo) for rapid XP gain, and do some distance flights to gain flight time. You should progress in rank.


…and in the meantime… read tips and instructions for pilots on this forum, so that when you enter playground server, you understand the instructuons of the ATC’s.


I flew in the f18 in PG and got 200 xp. And I didn’t land so yeah XP= duration of flight and landings = landing and maybe taxiing to parking.

Landing usually gives you a lot of if there good of what I’ve notice when I do touch and goes :)

Yes, the system counts a TnG as both a takeoff and a landing but I believe all the gears have to touch the ground to make it count

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