How to get custom callsigns?

Hey everyone,

I’m wondering on how to get custom callsign as Sometimes in IF I see callsign a like “LasVegas” (@LaroseRoyce), IpadAir (@Remko) and a few more. Instead of Saying individual letters, the ATC and Pilot voice says the word as a whole.

I’m wondering on how to get these types of callsigns, as (If possible) I would like to get a callsign like this.

Thanks for any help!


Just gotta be best friends with the mods. 😉

Note: Some of the callsigns havent been changes in years when the old system would actually read out what they said.


Wait, really?

That was a feature that was removed to prevent inappropriate callsigns. Those who kept it probably did not change it after the removal.

A long time ago, callsigns where said out in words instead of letters. But this system got removed due to abuse of the system. But if people never changed their callsigns since than, there is a bug where it still says the whole word. Staff are aware of this.

You need a time machine to go back to the start of IF when this was possible. These folks are grandfathered in and would lose their callsign if they changed it (mods are different).

Ohhh, I see.
I think it’s a cool feature😀

Oh ok, thanks mate. Much appreciated.

Thanks everyone for the answers! I will flag this as my question has been answered.

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Also, folks like LasVegas have been around from the beginning when you were able to create your own custom callsigns. It wasn’t until folks abused this before Infinite Flight revoked/removed the ability for you to create your own callsign. These folks who have these custom callsigns have not changed their callsign since that change. Close to some 4yrs+ ago.