How to get better FPS when flying

2021 Lenovo tab P11
Operating system:
Android 11
Andreno 610 GPU
Qualcomm snadragon 662

Hey! Im just wanting to get help on how to get better FPS when at cruise. I have all my settings on high except for my rendering resolution which is on medium. I can get good FPS up until 16,000ft, then the FPS drops. The only way to get the FPS smooth is viewing the ground , then the FPS gets smooth… Could that issue be my device becasue its only a new tablet? I only got the tablet a couple of days ago.

I suggest lowering your settings, that way you can get higher FPS

This might not work but I think it will.

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What are your settings?

30 FPS, graphics medium, rendering high

I’m not on my device which has IF but I’ll get back to u soon

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