How to get badges?

How do I get " Certified" badge or any others

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All the requirements for the badges are stated on the badge description itself. To get the certified badge, simply start a PM with @discobot (say @discobot start tutorial) and he’ll get you started.

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Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Hhahaha lol.

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@TheAviationGallery Sorry for the tag but how do I earn First Emoji? There are no Emoji button or something

You can’t get it anymore, it’s been disabled since 2017.

Here’s why:


Wait what? Emojis are disabled? 🤔

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The emoji you are using now from your keyboard isn’t considered a emoji on Discourse. There used to be a button for emojis but it has been removed for quite a while now.


Here is how it looks like. This is from another forum that uses Discourse.

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actually they have a point saying it is distracting and unnecessary tbh

No, you get the certified badge by starting a tutorial with @discobot.

How can you find him

By starting a PM with @discobot and typing the following:

@discobot start tutorial

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The first tutorial gives you the certified badge. The topic above explains how to interact with discobot.