How to get atis qualification

How do you get atis qualification? I havent seen anyone doing atis… why is it on the if tutorials?

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ATIS is only available to IFATC certified controllers who are controlling on Expert server.


On training server there currently is no ATIS, but if you become IFATC you will be able to once you reach a certain rank within IFATC. Please see this topic regarding joining IFATC;

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You that year to prepare yourself by practicing and training! If you do this you will be more than ready for the yeast and you will be part of IFATC in no time!

I would make an ATC Tracking Thread so people can come to where ever you are controlling and give you some feedback. It will help you a lot. Here is an example:

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I’ve waited 1.5 to 2 years to join IFATC, if I did it it’s possible for you. You should take this to your advantage, you have 1 year to learn how to control. Some people just rush and fail the test, just learn and be prepared. (To be honest, the written test was somewhat easy after 2 years)
Be sure to check all Tyler’s tutorial on #tutorials:atc!

You have all my encouragements!

ATIS is such a good feature, I love it so as IFATC.


what is the test about? do i actually have to go somewhere to take it?

Basically there is 2 tests control Tower, Ground and ATIS. The first test is some basic ATC knowledge questions ( 25 questions in a certain given time ), if you answer correctly with a 80% ratio you then move on to the practical test. For the practical test, you will be opening a frequency on the Training Server and you will control for 4/5 aircraft to determine if you are able to effectively control on the Expert Server. Then you’ll be part of IFATC!

You can learn more with this topic: Infinite Flight ATC Recruiting

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If it was at a physical location, I would doubt that there would be a lot of IFATC controllers…

I’m pretty sure it’s on Google Forms or something, but don’t take my word for that😉

IFATC, how is the test taken?

Read a few posts up. The written test is online. The practical is you controlling while ATC testers fly for you.


But is it Google Forms or a test with an actual controller?

There is a “written” multiple choice test followed by a practical if you pass.

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If you’re really hooked on controlling, make sure you’ve watched all of the tutorials and mastered the basics, and then contact one of the trainers listed here! They will help you with anything you don’t quite understand but don’t contact them without basic knowledge (don’t want to waste their time). If you want to be an IFATC, this is the way to go! (It worked for me ;)

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