How to get ATIS information pre-flight?

Hello, I am preparing for a short hop from ZUUU to VTBS, and as VTBS is an active airport today, I wanted to know how I can receive ATIS before my flight, while I am planning so that I can decide what approach chart to use, how could I do this?


I don’t think you can to be honest.

I’d just spawn in and immediately tune into ATIS.


Could someone get me the Arrival runways for VTBS?


The easiest wAy is to just spawn in and get ATIS like @AlphaSeven said, but you could also check out the METAR to get the wind direction and thus the runways that are likely to be in use. For now, VTBS has winds blowing at 050 so expect runways 01L and 01R. Keep in mind it’s not always the case and winds are subject to change of course.

Another way is to use Flightradar24 to check the live traffic there as chances are the runways in use are gonna be the same


I was controlling there and I was using 1L and 1R.
Problem solved.


You can check liveflight
keep in mind that things are off in China on liveflight cuz the coordinate shift thing

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You could use real life apps or software. Maybe fore flight, or if you don’t have that, search ‘airport ICAO code’ METAR.

I’m sure they’ll be something that has an information section for the airport :)


Hey, even though you may plan for a runway, you still have to follow ATC instructions incase the ATIS changes so there is honestly no point of getting ATIS before as it usually changes a lot.


Exactly, a lot of things can happen at the main hub of the day. Weather can change, or weather can be perfectly fine and another controller decides to use different runways than two or three controllers back. At peak times approach will mostly be active at the main hub so it doesn’t really matter what your preparations are as you will be vectored in


Lots of answers here, and you got what you wanted: ATIS info for VTBS

But in general, within IF (and real life), you can’t. Basically because of what Nicholas and Juan said.

With regards this one…

…No, that doesn’t work for a destination airport more than 80 NM away.

If you want to predict the runways, then check flightradar24 and see what runways are in use in real life. Good chance, the IFATC uses the same runways, but you can only be sure when you get closer to the airport, and then there is still plenty of time, to pick the correct approach chart.

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