How to get ATC access on Expert Server

Hello fellow aviators,

I’ve just leveled up from level 2 to 3, and I was really excited to be ATC and ATIS.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t.

So, I went to Infinite flight’s official website and found out that I have to do a written and practice test.

Now, that I know what I have to do, I can do the test.

But, that’s the problem. I don’t know where to do the test.

If anyone know about the test, please please tell me!

If you do, Thank You.


You need to be part of IFATC to be ATC in expert server. Because it is expert server, not just anyone can be ATC. Head over to the ATC recruiting topic to see if you fit the requirements and how you can join.


IFATC requires a lot of study. Read the ATC manual every day and take the practice test every day. If you get 100% on the practice test, it is recommended to take the test.


As they said before, being a controller on the expert server isn’t easy and not everyone can do it. You have to go to and apply there, then pass a written exam and then a practice exam. After all of this, you can control Class Charlie airports. But before that check the requirements to join.

Just to add what already has been said, I highly recommend doing ATC sessions on the training server very regularly for a while and then when you are confident then try to pass the exams. There is a limited amount of attempts you can do and while the trainees will teach you, it is expected that you are already very competent with all ATC procedures.

here is the guide that you can open your thread to help you practice your ATC skills

The reason of this is easy, if IFATC Doesn’t exist, ES could convert in TS 2

Well, the hard part is studying the manual as @BAK_UOV said. But you read it, the necessary times and you’ll be fine. Then you do the practical and, welcome to IFATC if you pass.

Same issue here. Where do I do the exams?

The exams are only open to those who are in the recruiting process. Please read the post linked above for all the information.

  • Application - Review profile, stats, etc. If you do not meet the requirements you will be asked to reapply when you do.
  • Written Exam
  • Practical Exam
  • ATC!

First, you have to apply to IFATC first

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