How to get approval to sit in the jumpseat

So im curious as to how to get to sit in the jumpseat in the flight deck. I saw an instagram story from Sam Chui earlier and i was wonder if anyone would know how to even get that privilege of sitting there during the takeoff or landing. Im pretty sure there’s a way but im not really sure how to get that besides from being internet famous or whatever.


Ever since 9/11, I’m pretty sure you are not allowed inside the cockpit during flight.

Please correct me if I’m wrong


I would say you can ask to the airline staff but most airlines are only allowing before departure or on arrival (i mean in parking gates or ramp) or unless you know some pilots or flight attendant.


In the US, it’s a big no no unless you are a pilot (commercial).
In other countries it varies. I know places like Asia, India, and Africa are more relaxed about that than others. Some countries in Europe are good with it as well (Switzerland, Netherlands).

It always helps to know a guy though!


You are kind of wrong, and kind of right. During just any flight, you can’t just go up to a flight attendant and say “I would like to sit in the jump seat”. However, if you get special permission beforehand, either through a contact at the airline or from a pilot friend, they allow you to sit there for the duration of the flight (in some countries). I think the US is more strict about that than some countries in Europe, though.


Im based in asia, specifically in the philippines and i think it isn’t as strict as the US. Though would you think i could ask maybe the captain or the first officer just before the flight starts?

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Really? I never knew that. Thanks 🙂

No, definitely not. When you get permission beforehand, the airline does a background check (I think) and all sorts of stuff to make sure you don’t do something stupid while you’re in the jumpseat.

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It’s always worth a shot! Be sure to mention your interest in Aviation.

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Would you happen to know what department i should contact beforehand? Hahaha i don’t know if i can ask this in customer service haha

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PAL (Philippine Airlines) is always friendly. Try to ask the staff or the airline before your flight.

I thought it was for other countries too, but I guess not

Thanks for the tip! I guess it might be easier to note that i study aviation as well.


Noted. Thanks for the information! :)

I was actually thinking of trying it on my next flight which is sadly booked on an LCC. Cebu Pacific haha. But idk i might try and ask corporate if that works out.

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No, you cannot as far as I am aware. Only if you are at gate.
This video explains a bit.

Mentour pilot

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Im actually aware of how you can visit the flight deck while parked on ground. What im really curious is how people have the privilege to sit inside from pushback to takeoff. I know its not impossible but i do know its hard.

I really don’t, as I’ve never done it myself. Sorry about that. I would certainly love to, though. I think you could try by contacting customer service, and if they don’t tell you anything, then do some research.

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In the US you need be air crew, the Feds or a dispatcher for a company with CASS. Thought If you’re maintenance for a company you can Jumpseat with your company, now I’m not sure if it’s for fun or for work only

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Only if you get permission from the airline or FAA I think.

This is due to the 9/11 attacks unfortunately.