How to get and iPad in the background

Hi, I have been wondering if FDS gets the iPad in the background of the tutorial video, if anyone knows is please let me know. I want to know so I can do it to my own YouTube videos.
(Like in this video)


Infinite Flight have edited it when they were editing the video. They most likely used Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro for it.


Some secrets and editing tricks are better left a secret. Jason is a crafty artist with tremendous talents in media creation.


Ok I saw someone use LumaFusion for it they had a photo but I did not understand how they made the photo

I’m pretty sure that on newer iPad Pro devices (and all models of iMac and Macbook) that you can add this to your project. Other video editors may be able to do it too, but the one I’m sure about is said above.

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Ok thanks!

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