How to get and buy IF Pro with my old account?

Hello! I would like to ask about how I can get my old IF Pro account back to buy an IF Pro sub on it. I used it with Google however I don’t know how the new IF Pro purchasing scheme works and I’m worried I’m gonna buy IF Pro for a whole new account. My old account isn’t linked with the IFC from what I know, as I last used it maybe Q2-3 2020. This is all I see when I try to log into my old account:


If you want Pro on a different account, you’re gonna have to buy it separately on that account. It should keep your old stats.

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Yeah, That’s what I’m trying to do, but I can’t get to my old account :)

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Do you know your old username and password? If not, there should be options on the sign in to get them back.

I used Google Login previously, but when I try I get the result shown in the screenshot. As for the username I don’t actually know it, as it was so long ago I last saw it.

I’m pretty sure it’s just letting you know you need to purchase a Pro subscription in order to use the features.

Yeah, However I had an account linked to Google with it lol, that was my way of logging in and buying Pro. I Just can’t figure out how to log in and buy Pro.

Alrighty. So it won’t let you log into your old account?

Exactly. No matter what I try, it just does not log in. I’m not sure if it’s because I have to buy Pro first or something.

I think you do have to get pro and then link it to your old account. That should get the error message to go away.

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Alright, I shall wait for confirmation then I will do this, Thank you.

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Yup. I’m assuming you’ve contacted support?

I have not yet, I would do it if my issue would not be resolved here :)

Ah. Gotcha.

Nope, It just made a brand new account. I’ve paid the £9.49

I’m pretty sure you can link your old account in settings. I’d also recommend what Thunderbolt said below if you can’t figure it out in-game.

Email or message schyllberg to transfer the account.

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Click, revert on the bottom right corner and update me on what happens

That has just gave me a new account instead lol.

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Ohhh okay. Hmmm