How To Get All The Planes?

How do I get all the planes because I don’t know how please could somebody help me???

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight community, glad to have you with us! :)

To gain access to every plane, you must have an active Infinite Flight Pro subscription, which can be purchased either on the app or on the App Store (for IOS users).

Hello and welcome to the Community!

In order to gain access to all planes and global flight, you must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro subscription.

At the moment the only option available in-app is the 1-month sub which is $9.99/mo however if you are on iOS, once you have purchased a 1-month sub you can actually get access to the 6-month and 1-year subscription options through the App Store.

Additionally, if you end up watching Infinite Flight’s Youtube Livestreams, Dan (who is one of the staff members and who hosts the live streams) occasionally does subscription giveaways so there’s that option as well (however you do have to get pretty lucky as these live streams are usually pretty highly attended).

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