How to get airport information & charts?

Hello everyone! My VA’s going on an event tomorrow and I need airport charts and info ASAP!

Any quick and easy ways to do so? Thanks!

Love ya’ll, stay safe! is the best way to find charts

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Option 1. Navigraph (Payware unfortunately)

Option 2. Skyvector (Limited to US airports)

Option 3. (Many airports missing but decent overall coverage)


Skyvector! Perfect

Kind if…

We’re flying outta KMCO, and charts for TJSJ?

I’ll take a look. Stand by.

Yep they do have charts for TJSJ. 🙃


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Yeah like mentioned above, usually a quick google search with airport ICAO code + airport charts will do the trick. Here’s skyvector for TJSJ:
(Scroll to the bottom)


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Awesome! Thank y’all! This ones gonna be a big one! Around 15 aviators comin’!

If you have a Vatsim account, Chartfox is free and has up to date charts:

Good coverage for the US and Europe, not so much for the east and Asia.

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