How to get Aircraft Lights on the A320 Family?

Hi guys, I have noticed that most of you don’t know how to get the new lights!

The Lights is available only for the A320 family when the Time of the Day is Sunset, Sunrise and Night!

###Steps to get the Cabin Lights

  • To get the new lights, go to the settings page (that gear icon on the main menu)
  • Go to the Graphics tab, Second from the bottom.
  • Make sure Airplane Quality is on High or Very High (Image Below)

Now, get back to the menu and start flying! It should appear now!
Note - You can’t change these settings in-game

Your settings should be somewhat like this.

Happy Flying with the A320 Family! :D


Was this really bugging you?😂

Not really.

Well it is insanely annoying the amount of “How do I turn on cockpit lights” support and bug posts.

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Step 1 -

Step 2 - Get live+

Thanks! Welcome!

Free to fly with purchase 😉

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Try: “Make sure Airplane Quality…”