How to get a topic pinned?

Every time I load up the community page I see " Friday Night Flight: Tel Aviv Visual @ LLBG - 210600ZJUN19" If I were to make a group flight do I just PM all the moderators and say “Hey, can you pin my group flight?” or how do you do it?

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This is something only the staff can do.

And no, asking them to pin topics will not work.

So only the staff group flights can be pinned?

Pinning something or a post in the community forum is used for some important events or announcements. Normally group flights are not pinned.

It’s highly highly, highly, unlikely that you would be able to get an event pinned. Only official FDS events get pinned.

Friday Night Flight: Tel Aviv Visual @ LLBG - 210600ZJUN19?

Misha created FNF. Since he is a staff member, he can pin things

Friday Night Flights have been always a weekly event happening, so pinning FNFs are normal.

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That’s the official Infinite Flight FNF event which does get pinned. No other events aside from flash flights get pinned.

Ok, This answers my question.


Also @David_Beckett @iOS_Aviator @Claudio

Can I make a group flight of my own?

You can, yes. Just make sure to follow the guide in the pinned post in the category 🙂