How to get a lot of people to join my group flight

Hey! I’ve been announcing GF on this week and nobody joins. Anyway I can convince more ppl to join?

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Here’s a few things:
*Try to pick an airport or route that is different or unique
*Use words or phrases to catch peoples attention
*Add lots of information about your flight such as a flight plan, cruise altitude, speed etc.


😃 Great I’ll try that tomorrow 💨/ later!

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Could you link the flight? Maybe we can offer some suggestions off of what you currently have?

I usually do what is listed below.

Join me for a flight to the West Coast from the other coast. Reply if you are able to attend, Please tell friends if you can!
April 27,2020 -

Airport: MIA/KMIA
Server: Training

Departure runways: 27L

Spawn 20 minutes before the event begins.

Additional Info: Please don’t get close as it destroys the realism. As I said about join at least at least. 10 - 20 minutes before.

Route - KMIA - KLAX

JOIN TONIGHT AT 7:00EDT (Someone tell me the ZULU time) , Tell your friends!

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It’s 2300z ;)

Ok! Thanks

That’s good! For future reference as I mentioned above. Adding the cruising altitude, cruising speed, and even a flight plan can be helpful for those attending.

This is a good website for making flight plans :)


Ok! Thanks.

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You’re very welcome :)

I would suggest to post a Group Flight about a week before you fly. It would give people time to check their schedule and plan ahead.

Group flights can only take place within 3 hours of being posted

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But might not give enough time or are busy in those 3 hours. That’s why I have stated that because thats what I look towards.

May I also suggest time. Try to be time friendly within the world and possibly more people will join.

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I can say this because Im aussie and most flights are during midnight, early morning or personally working but that is kinda unavoidable durijg weekdays. This brings to another point during weekends because mostly people are not working/have more time.

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Yea I’ll think of that!

Often, if you have a group flight for a certain cause, like surprising your friend with a midair escort for his 1000th flight, or a fundraiser for charity, more people will join. Of course, none of that is needed for a popular group flight, but from previous examples it seems it work.

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