How to get a link at the top of a thread?

I was wondering how to get these links at the top of a topic.

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Maybe more specific detail?

Where did you find it?

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Ok. So I was looking around on threads and I clicked on a topic, I saw a link to the right of the category and under the title that brought you to an external site. I was just wondering how to get that link under the title.


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My guess would be post a link in the original post.

How do you do that?? Just put a link?

I don’t think that works… looked at my event threads with links and didn’t display anything

Just tried it,

All you have to do is press that


Certain categories only perhaps. RWA makes sense as it may be news articles.

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What do I push?!

The “” thing

That’s what you do once it’s there. He is asking how it came to be there.


Exactly! Not how to tap on it…

Looked through my other RWA articles and it didn’t seem to have it… hmmm

To make that appear, you should paste a link in the title section when creating a topic. It works for every category.

It’s also clearly mentioned in the title description:


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