How to get a callsign like this?

image just asking how exactly this guy got callsign like this? I tried doing Emmy rats as well lol but it didn’t work and the atc said it like with Echo mike mike… and with a space it wouldn’t let me ether so could someone help me out? On how this guy did this cuz this is pretty funny 😂


Hi Kyle,

The feature where you could create a customised callsign such as in this example, was removed due to abuse/pilots creating inappropriate callsigns in an earlier update.

Although, some people, such as in this example, may still have customised callsigns - such as pilots that haven’t updated their callsign or the app, moderators, staff members etc.


Oh ok thanks! Was just curious I tried and wouldn’t let me lol

And if they ever update it, they lose that callsign forever


😂😂😂I wish I had the chance to change it it’s pretty funny how ATC calls him army rats 😂😂😂😂

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