How to get a call sign not in the NATO alphabet.

Hello IFC. For example @Mark_Denton has skyhalk heavy and @schyllberg has rouge one. How do thay get it. Without it beaning said in the nano alphabet. thanks.


There’s several reasons.

  1. Grandfathered callsigns that were in use before we implemented restrictions due to abuse of the function.

  2. Staff/Moderators have the ability to set their own callsign regardless. Within reason, of course.

We would love to have a more open policy to all of this, but unfortunately that is not possible as it’s been abused beyond belief with inappropriate callsigns and display names.


This was an old setting from before global. Before, you could make custom callsigns. For instance, I could be newyork1 before the update, but not I would have to be November Echo Whiskey Yankee… I think you get it.


Maybe this could be re-impleamented using a moderation system, when you want to change it staff gets the request and if it is ok you get it and if it could cause problems you don’t get it


Ok, thanks for clearing that up @schyllberg

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MaxSez: Interesting and interpretable responses;

  1. Yes Abuse caused the required change in personal call sign structure. “Most” of us where not “ Grandfathered” however, thus 2 became the norm.
    2). Then, Staff/Moderator got a pass. These special call signs are referred to by some as “Friends in High Places” actions. Eg: “Friends”=Individuals who can help someone by virtue of their power or authority. This expression began life as a *friend (friends) at court” in medieval times,
    Just an observation LOL.

Maybe we could have a way where you could request a custom call sign and a mod can approve it and add it to your IF account


No. Then we’re just back to the same discussion as we’ve been when it comes to “Practical tests for Expert Server”.

There is no plans of loosening the restrictions at this time, quite the contrary actually since there’s a lot of abuse still going on with display names and quite ingenious ways of finding something inappropriate to say via their callsign.


If I may say, that I wouldn’t want everyone or too many to have a custom/special kind of callsign, as I see these callsigns a rarity in IF, to signify the pilot who has a higher role or has been with IF multiplayer for a long period of time. If everyone had one then I don’t see the uniqueness of it, if you get what I mean.

If others except for the ones who harvest these unique callsigns, were allowed and approved to have an own custom one but if like 50+ people are saying I want this and I want that name then the purpose of having a unique, unlike any other callsign would be lost. So in that sense, I personally, think it’s good as is.

And then we have the part Seb brought up with the misuse of callsigns, which can go far and wild… very wrong.


Sorry if this is already answered here, but will there eventually be some way apart from Features to request IRL Airline callsigns?

That’s something easier to work with and something we’ll discuss internally moving forward.

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All right, thanks! But for the moment no other way, right?

I can’t really say. Most of team or occupied elsewhere. Ask me in a week :)


Fine, thanks!

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