How to gain XP fast

Is there a faster way to gain xp really fast that is not on youtube. What I mean is is there a faster way to gain xp then on youtube ones.

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Touch and goes


Touch and goes are great for XP :D

This link could help: How to fly a (visual) pattern

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As they said touch and goes work best, but if youre short on time near your device, just lots of air time can move you up quick…

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Go to here to see the steady wind speeds and find where it is the most windy and do patterns there. Or go here to find the wind gusts.

Try to find the windiest and do patterns there. You will gain the most that way.

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I would check this topic out. There are some great examples on gaining XP fast. I also uploaded a video for your use in this topic.

More on XP is found here in the replies below 👍🏻

As mentioned: touch and goes.
And the more wind, the beter.

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