How to gain more xp?

Does anyone know how to get more xp?

Check this out:

The best way to get XP quickly is to take a small plane and do pattern work (touch & goes).


Well for starters, perform good landings, follow the rules, do some touch-and-gos at a small airport.

This is true I flew Citation X for a while and would stay in the air for about an hour or so and then land 400+ XP usually. Now recently I’ve been flying 737 BBJ and I don’t get much XP but I also let it land itself mostly. Lol! Don’t know if that effects it.

Also I don’t do many landings so I assume if I increase landings it’d increase my XP

Please explain. I’m not clearing what LED you are referring to.

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This is how many XP you can earn in one hour of touch and goes (I use the F22):


Wow! Thanks for the info. I’m going to see what I can do now.