How to follow flight plan with F-22?

I find it very hard to follow the precise heading without autopilot. I can never keep the aircraft directly straight and stable. How do you guys do it?

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Hold your device steady. I’ve done long flights with a filed plan in the f22 and it’s not too hard.

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Also, remember that when flying flight plans in any fighter, when you need to fly heading of 340, 338-342 doesn’t hurt. Little corrections are okay ;)


Save yourself the head ache and fatigue and don’t, just my 2 cents


That’s the reason I don’t fly fighters how do they even enjoy spotting while escorting

I fly the F-22 a lot, but I don’t do much escorting. Just a challenge to control and land. That’s what makes it fun 😉

That’s the worst no spoilers and very streamlined how do you wait patiently for your speed to reduce from mach 2 to below 250.that’s really annoying and tiresome even for who[quote=“AR_AR, post:3, topic:33597”]
Hold your device steady.

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Do S-turns or spiral down to reduce your speed.

Anyway, I agree that there should be some autopilot capability added to the fighters.


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